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Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

The opening ceremony of the Tallinn Higher Music School which took place on September 28, 1919, in the Estonia Concert Hall. In 1923 the educational institution was renamed Tallinn Conservatoire. Originally a private institution, the Conservatoire became nationalised in 1935. In 1938 the State Drama School was opened. In 1989, just prior to the 70th anniversary of the school, its former name – the “Tallinn Conservatoire” – was restored. But just four years later the school was renamed the “Estonian Academy of Music” (Eesti Muusikaakadeemia). This change was deemed desirable because throughout Europe, ”conservatoire” usually refers to an institution that gears itself more towards secondary musical education. During the years 1987–1993 extensive renovation and reconstruction took place in the building of the Drama Faculty. The faculty began using the entire two-story building. In 1995 the Drama Faculty was renamed the Higher Theatre School. In 1999 the Estonian Academy of Music was granted what it had been awaiting for the past 55 years – its own building in the centre of Tallinn. As of now, it is one of the best and most modern conservatoire buildings in the world, especially with respect to its functionality and technological solutions. The new building will probably meet the demands of Estonian music education for decades to come. The Higher Theatre School remains housed in its building on Toompea. In the new building of EAMT there are 7 500 square meters of usable space designed and built especially for the higher musical educational establishment. There are 60 classrooms plus 14 rehearsal rooms where classes can be held. Special mention should be made of EAMT’s chamber hall, which seats 130–200, a choir class combined with a big auditorium for 77 students, an audition room for 40 persons with a new baroque organ, opera studio, electronic music lab, recording studio, library with all music listening and computer facilities, and dining room. The number of pianos and grand pianos total up to 95. The building meets the highest acoustical requirements for its soundproof rooms, and the option exists with removable wall panels to adjust a given room’s acoustic. To sum up, it is among the most modern educational music buildings in the world.

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre includes a teaching staff of 263, of which 85 are continuing professors, 65 are temporary professors, and 113 are engaged on a contractual (hourly) basis; there are also 16 emeritus professors. Many professors are employed part-time. The total number of full-time academic positions is 100,25.  The Academy also employs 24 piano accompanists and 7 researchers.

For the academic year 2007/2008 the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre has 77 valid partner contracts in the framework of the SOCRATES/ERASMUS project.


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