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The Estonian Academy of Arts

The forerunner of the present-day Estonian Academy of Arts was the Tallinn Applied Art School of the Estonian Society of Art, founded in 1914.
Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA) is the only institution in Estonia offering education at university level in the fields of art and design.

EAA consists of the faculties of
- Architecture
- Design
- Institute of Art History
- Media Studies
- Cultural Heritage and Conservation
- Fine Arts

In addition, the Teachers' Training Centre at EAA provides a training programme at MA level.
Evening courses and advanced training programmes are available at the Open Academy.
The facilities of EAA photography, e-media, video and computer centres are available for all students.
The Academy's modern library provides pleasant study environment, which is designed by the students of architecture.
The EAA also has a gallery, student dormitory and the practice base situated at a picturesque Muhu Island.
All EAA courses are aimed to fully develop students individual talents and ambitions emphasizing the freedom of tought and imagination.
The total number of student enrolment in EAA is 762. In addition, 155 students are studying at the EAA's Open Academy.

International relations
Estonian Academy of Arts is a member several networks:
- the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA),
- the Design Education network CUMULUS uniting European Art and Design universities,
- the network of Scandinavian Art and Design institutions CIRRUS,
- the cooperative network of the art educational institutions of the Baltic Sea region KUNO.

Since 1999, EAA has been taking part in the European Union educational programmes Socrates/Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci.


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