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Tallinn University of Technology

The mission of Tallinn University of Technology is to support Estonia’s sustainable development through scientific creation and science-based higher education in the field of engineering, technology, natural and social sciences.

Statement of the Rector:

With its eight faculties, four colleges and R&D institutions, Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) is a national university of technology, internationally renowned, known as a reliable partner at different levels of collaboration networks. We are serving our nation as a hothouse of engineering and technology professionals and a driving force for the development of a knowledge-based economy. TUT fosters integration of technical and related natural and social sciences and humanities that create a basis of higher technological education and advancement of Estonia’s economy. We are committed to collaboration in the networks of the countries of the Baltic Sea region, Europe- and worldwide. TUT is seeking international institutional accreditation in the next years.

TUT, the only university of technology in Estonia, is committed to high level basic and applied research significant on the global and national scale, implementable in teaching and promotion of innovation. The University aims at enhancing its contribution to Estonia's science policy, based on key international trends and local industry needs and social and economic changes in the society. Major co-operation partners in Estonia are Eesti Energia, Eesti Põlevkivi and Norma.

Research and development activities are arranged through departments, research centres and R&D institutions: Institute of Geology, Institute of Cybernetics, Institute of Marine Systems, Estonian Institute of Energy Research.

The University has its strategic research areas: innovative industrial technologies of the information society, chemistry and materials sciences, bio- and gene technology, energy saving and sustainable environmental technologies, and socio-economic research.

In order to promote economy a spin-off programme has been developed at TUT, which aims at commercialising research and development products and creating favourable conditions and motivation for promoting economy. The programme is carried out in co-operation with the TUT Innovation Centre.

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