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Estonia, Kosovo establish diplomatic relations


TALLINN, Apr 24, BNS - Estonia and Kosovo Thursday established diplomatic relations.

The respective document was signed by Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo Rame Manaj now on a visit to Tallinn.

Paet said after the signing on the communique on the establishment of diplomatic relations that Estonia had laid importance on the implementation of the so-called Ahtisaari plan and the establishment of diplomatic relations was a logical sequel to the recognition of Kosovo's independence by Estonia.

Enumerating the spheres in which Estonia and assisted or consulted Kosovo, Paet underlined that Estonia was prepared to continue giving advice to Kosovo.

Paet said that Estonia wanted the situation in Kosovo to stabilize as soon as possible, the relations to become normal with Serbia and cooperation with the European Union to clearly continue.

The Estonian foreign minister expressed the hope that more and more countries would recognize Kosovo. At the moment there are 38 such countries.

On behalf of the presdient, prime minister and the people of Kosovo Manaj thanked Estonia for the recongition of the independence of the country; he also expressed thanks for the assistance Estonia had been giving to Kosovo since 1999.

Manaj underlined that Kosovo kept in mind European values and that the state was holding the course to intergation with the EU.

Both Manaj and Kosovo's public administration minister Arsim Bajram said that Estonia's experience was a good example to Kosovo.

Barjam said that the pace of the recognition of Kosovo's independence was not of primary importance for the country as they were more interested in the stabilization of the situation of the state.

Kosovo proclaimed its independence on February 17; the Estonian government recongized the independence of the new country on February 21.

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