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Estonia: Lt. Col. Tamm appointed head of Cyberdefense Center


TALLINN, Feb 04, BNS - The Commander of the Estonian defense forces appointed Lt. Col Ilmar Tamm as commander of the Cyberdefense Competence Center.

Commander of the defense forces Maj. Gen. Ants Laaneots appointed Lt. Col Ilmar Tamm head of the cooperative Cyberdefense Competence Center operarting in the composition of the defense forces Communication and Information Systems Training and Development Center as of August 1, the defense forces headquarters said.

Lt. Col. Tamm is currently serving as a senior staff officer at the headquarters of the NATO land forces component in Heidelberg, Germany.

According to the present plans the Cyberdefense Center should become fully operative starting from the second half of this year. By that time also specialists appointed by the member countries should arrive in Estonia.

Additional talks between the member countries have been planned for February and the next year's budget and plan of action will be decided then. According to the present plans the international agreement will be signed in May.

According to preliminary plans the Cyberdefense Center will have 20 posts, but the final number of employees will depend on the member countries' agreements and possibilities, the spokesman said.

The preliminary conditions for the accreditation of the NATO competence center is official participation of three members of the alliance and signing of an international cooperation agreement.

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