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Embassy building

Embassy building

This neoclassical mansion was designed by the firm Marsh and Peter- among Washington's most renowned architects. Completed in 1905, this beautiful stately house features a center turret, side bays, multiple interior columns, intricate moldings and inlaid hardwood floors.

Intially a doctor's residence, this building served as the Peruvian embassy and a home for the Landon School for Boys before it was purchased by the Republic of Estonia in 1994. The conversion of 2131 Massachusetts Avenue from a vacant building to a proud, functional embassy was made possible by the then-ambassador T. H. Ilves, Architect Madis Valge and First Secretary Peeter Reštšinski.

Tragically, the continuing history of the Embassy of Estonia now includes the fire that occurred on July 2nd, 2001. Though 80 firefighters using 14 trucks and needed five hours to control the fire, the embassy pulled through intact, suffering more from smoke and water than fire. For those who were familiar with the embassy, they can see it again in all of its rich, proud neoclassical trimmings; for those who have  visited after the renovation, they can understand why Estonia is so proud of its Diplomatic Mission in Washington.

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