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Ambassador Eerik Marmei presents Letter of Credence to President Barack Obama


Obama and Marmei

On September 18, Ambassador of Estonia to the United States, Eerik Marmei, presented his Letter of Credence to President Barack Obama at the White House.

During the conversation that followed, President Obama and Ambassador Marmei discussed the successful and strong cooperation between the two countries, Transatlantic and NATO cooperation,  and recalled the recent visit of President Obama to Estonia.

President Obama stated that the warm welcome and enthusiasm of the people of Estonia during his visit to Estonia meant a great deal to him and the United States. He also commended Estonia for building a vibrant, successful democracy through hard work, innovation and pursuit of strong democratic ideas.

Ambassador Marmei stated that the Estonian Government  highly values cooperation with the United States in all spheres of mutual interest, and particularly in security policy, “The need for continuous close cooperation as well as engagement of the United States in the Baltic region through NATO, the European Reassurance Initiative or numerous joint training exercises and other activities is of the utmost importance.”

Both President Obama and Ambassador Marmei expressed confidence in the advancement of the strong and abiding friendship of the two countries.

Eerik Marmei was born on May 6, 1970 in Tartu, Estonia. He graduated from Tartu University in 1993, and received M.A. degree in international relations from Notre Dame University  in 1996.

Eerik Marmei has been working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1993. He began his career in the Political Department as the desk officer for the Unite States. He has also worked as the Director of the Bureau for International Organizations and Security Policy, the Estonian delegation to NATO, and Estonian Embassies in Washington and London. In 2008 - 2010 he headed NATO and European Union Department at the Ministry of Defense and returned thereafter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Director of Security Policy and Arms Control Division in the Political Department. Before assuming his current position, Ambassador Marmei served as Estonian Ambassador to Poland and Romania residing in Warsaw.


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