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In 2013, the export of goods totalled 12.3 billion euros and total imports amounted to 13.7 billion euros. According to Statistics Estonia, in 2013 the exports of goods at current prices decreased by 2% and imports by 1% compared to 2012. Estonian foreign trade is mainly based on strong economic ties with Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Russia, Germany and Lithuania, as well as with other countries.

The main countries of destination were Sweden (16.8% of Estonia’s total exports), Finland (16.1%) and Russia (11.4%) and the main countries of consignment were Finland (15% of Estonia’s total imports), Germany (10.5%) and Sweden (10.1%). The share of EU countries accounted for 71% of total exports in 2013.

The main export goods are machinery and equipment (28.1%), mineral products (10.5%), agricultural products and food preparations (10.1%), wood and products thereof (8.6%) and metals and products thereof (7.2%).

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